Call of Duty: Ghosts and Steam are throwing a free play weekend with the retail price of the latest COD game reduced by 50 percent and has launched a brand new kit of skins for multiplayer today.

Starting now through Sunday February 23 at 4PM ET gamers can download and play the latest entry in to the bloody series for free. Did you hold off after mixed reviews? Now you can try it out yourself.

Ghosts also announced today the launch of new personalization packs including gun, armor and shield skins. Including adorable rubber duckies, cats, fire and other unlikely suits as well as four new multiplayer skins including the much loved Captain Price Legend Pack. Check out the video below.

While Ghosts single-player campaign may leave you scratching your head in the end, it's multiplayer and brand new Extinction mode put the game ahead. The high tension, close-quarters combat of multiplayer has yet to matched by other series. Now you can try it for free.

Head over to Steam and download it now or check out the announcement here. For all things COD check out the links below.

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[Via Steam]