The Jamaican bobsled team deserves a win in the Sochi Winter Olypics this year. Solely based on this video released by the Jamaican board of tourism that looks like it was produced by the same minds that created Major Lazer and Snoop Lion videos.

Face the facts, Americans haven't cared about the Winter Olympics since the 1993 John Candy classic Cool Runnings. Jamaica has had an extra-hard time fielding a team this year, having to turn to PayPal and crowdfunding donations as well as the charitable maybe-currency that is Dogecoins. Now the tourism board has released this video in the style of an 8-bit game titled “The Bobsled Song” in with 8-bit animation and bits of the team's run cut in.

Unfortunately the team had a tough day rounding out 30th place but still held it down with this great video. Perhaps they need to Kickstart this little project into a game for future support. I'd buy it.

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[Via The Verge]