For years, family, friends and fans of Big Pun have been pushing to have a Bronx intersection co-named in his honor. Last week, Shane Rossi took it upon himself pay homage to Pun.

Last Friday was the 14th anniversary of Big Pun's death, so Rossi put a sign that read "Big Pun Place" up on the corner of 163rd Street and Rogers place. If the sign looks strikingly real, it's because it is—Rossi had the City Department of Transportation make it, and they're responsible for making official street signs. According to ANIMAL, a novelty sign will run you $35.

In an email to ANIMAL, Rossi explained the logic behind the renegade move. "Pun was one of my favorites and I like what he did for the Latino community. To this day, I still see his influence on people," he explained. "Bronx Community Board 2 keeps rejecting petitions that his sister is trying to organize because they say his music was violent and he didn’t have a positive effect on the community."

ANIMAL says the sign was still up as of last weekend. Pun would be proud.

[via ANIMAL]

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