Oh Amanda Bynes. What happened to you? It's easy to forget, but there was a time when she was a talented comic actress. That time was twelve years ago, when she had her own sketch comedy show on Nickelodeon, The Amanda Show.

Apparently Nick's still footing the domain name bill for Amanda Please, the fake website created by Amanda's stalker/biggest fan (spoiler: it's Amanda Bynes in a black wig) Penelope Taynt. It's pretty depressing now, actually — all those photos of a fresh-faced Bynes smiling big bear little resemblance to the wigged-out court attendee.

You can watch the clip of the week, a QuickTime (!) video, email Penelope, play games and download trading cards. It also constantly asks you whether you're a PC or a Mac and uses the word "cyberspace." 1999-2002, good times.

[via Reddit]