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Looks like DC’s answer to Marvel might be coming sooner than you think if this latest rumor from Latino Review is to be believed. According to the site, Warner Bros. is planning on moving a Justice League movie into production right after Batman/Superman for a 2016 release. It’s being reported that the two movies will be connected by an ongoing cliffhanger that will see the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel team up with other heroes, including Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash, to take down a big-time threat.

This report suggests that this is what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was referring to when he tweeted about meeting with the studio regarding a DC film. If Johnson’s tweets were accurate, a Justice League movie could be put into production later this year. The latest rumor is that Johnson will be taking on the role of the Green Lantern for the film.

This is obviously a massive undertaking, but a big cliffhanger at the end of Batman/Superman that leads directly into Justice League would be more than enough to keep the hype going for a full year. It’s certainly worth a shot. You can’t let the Avengers rule the game. 

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