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Infinite wealth is pretty fantastic, but it also has a complicated way of increasing one’s ego to the size of a hot air balloon.

As of late, Snapchat employers have been on quite an infamous run with their less-than-popular antics. First, there were the images that surfaced in November indicating that CEO Evan Spiegel ousted his close college friend Reggie Brown out of a share of the company before it officially took off. Then there’s the bro-fest text messages exchanged between the creators, including Brown, during their time at the Stanford University as the development of the Snapchat app starting hitting its stride. And after 4.6 million Snapchat users got their accounts hacked on New Year’s Eve, Spiegel pretty much took no blame for the incident, telling Carson Daly in an interview that “we thought we had done enough."

And now it looks like David Kravitz, one of the original developers hired by Spiegel, wants to join in on the company’s PR downward spiral.

Recently, Kravitz took to his Facebook status to share some “insight” on prospering female students looking to join their intended sororities:

To all the freshman girls who went through rush, but didn't get a bid or the bid you wanted: I didn't get into any sororities, and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I made so many great friends and became a part of some really wonderful communities. And I still got to spend plenty of time at sororities — all I had to do was sleep with a few girls in each one. I got to know some of them quite well, and I can assure you that they're really no different from any of the other girls I slept with.

Exactly the response you’d expect coming from an employee of a multi-billion dollar startup, right?

Oh, and his Facebook cover is a photoshopped picture of him laughing at D-Day soldiers. 

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