Microsoft has been reassuring gamers since the Xbox One's launch that it was continuing to improve the user interface of the next-gen console. Looks like gamers will see the first major changes coming in an update set for sometime in March.

The Xbox One handles applications in a different way than the Xbox 360 making them easier to update. But some applications like party chat and some basic functional indicators, like a battery level icon, are frustrating if not completely missing. Giving many gamers the impression that the Xbox One took a giant leap backwards. Check out the rundown of the changes Xbox One needs to make.

White Microsoft has yet to confirm a date for the consoles software update the company has continually teased that it was working hard to remedy complaints. Microsoft's friendly public relations man Major Nelson said back in December that “I can't offer a timeline of the list of what will be addressed first, but we are aware of the issues and things will get better”

Check out our big list of things Xbox One needs to fix right now. Have any of your own to add? Or are you

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