And now, for the most adorable thing you will see all day: According to Buzzfeed, a nursing home in Essen, Germany called the Contilia Retirement Group put together an amazing limited edition calendar featuring their residents—all dressed up as classic characters in famous film scenes.

The residents ages were all about 75 and up, with the oldest resident to participate being Walter Loeser at 98 (who portrayed a character from Easy Rider, in case you were wondering). 

To pull off the shoot, the whole thing was carried out with a team of professional stylists and photographers, in order to ensure the whole thing looked as real as possible. When interviewed about the experience, residents stated that it was a ton of fun for them to dress up as their favorite movie characters.

The calendar was reportedly given out to residents, but is going to be distributed as well—according to The Independent, about 5000 copies were printed. Don't lie, you would totally want this on your wall.

Check out the images below.


Dirty Dancing


The 7-Year Itch

Blues Brothers

Mary Poppins


Saturday Night Fever

James Bond

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Easy Rider

[via Buzzfeed]