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Funny story: As told to the world by The Atlantic's Robinson Meyer, President Obama stopped into a Washington D.C. cafe on Friday. And it just so happened to be the cafe that The Atlantic's Robinson Meyer was sitting in! 

The president was there to sit down and talk to young people about enrolling in a health care plan, made cheap and available to said young people by the Affordable Care Act. We note the reason he stopped in that cafe, because it'd be unfair to the leader of the free world to let a silly piece of trivial news get in the way of a substantial news topic.

So we didn't, and we can now get to the part where we also found out something critically important:







Yes: The ABC drama that makes everyone batshit crazy and that they love to talk to their friends about with one of the most memorable female television leads ever who—like Michelle Obama—is a black woman breaking down a substantial being watched by Michelle Obama. And like Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington's character is, uh, involved in politics! And The White House! Except one's married to the leader of the actual free world, and the other one is a spin doctor having an affair with the leader of the actual fake world, and a secret spy agency is involved, and a whole bunch of other wild shit.

Via The Atlantic, this revelation comes straight from the president's mouth, who sounds about as unenthused as every other husband/boyfriend/spouse of someone who starts watching Scandal:

THE ONLY OTHER THING I OVERHEARD: Michelle has begun watching Scandal. “It’s not that exciting,” said the president, of the White House. Staffers “don’t have enough time to engage in too much scandalous behavior.” Then the meal was over. Obama got up and took a photo with the five [millenials]. He put his jacket back down, walked past me, and greeted the rest of the restaurant’s customers. He turned at the end, said good-bye to the baby again as he passed (tossling his hair), rounded the corner, and was gone. A crowd had gathered across the street. It cheered as Obama got back in his SUV.

Little did the president likely know what a BOOM (MIC DROP) moment he just gave the world of Scandal watchers. If none of this means anything to you, just trust us that all the people who are batshit about Scandal will be incredibly excited to hear this.

[Via The Atlantic]