Your house is up in flames.

It's the middle of the night and smoke from the inferno is very quickly making it hard to breathe. You quickly make sure that your loved ones are safe and make a rolling, John McClane style Die Hard dive out the front door as your home becomes engulfed in flames.

One thing's missing though, you've left your gaming console behind. This was the exact drama that played out for on Kansas man late last night. After safely escaping his rapidly burning home, the man charged back into his home to rescue his Xbox.

Not his photo albums, not an irreplaceable family heirloom, his Xbox. No word on if it was the Xbox One or not, but we're going to assume it was a second hand 360 he got off Craigslist, because it makes for a better story about a guy from Kansas.

The damage is estimated at $80,000, but if that secondhand, Craigslist console had gone up as well, well, the damage would be $80,000 plus whatever the street value of a lazy handjob and a pair of used rollerblades is.

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