It didn't seem possible, but somehow, Jennifer Lawrence just got even more adorable than ever before. While working the red carpet at this past weekend's SAG awards, Lawrence got the opportunity to meet Homeland star Damian Lewis, who she's a huge fan of thanks to the show—and she promptly proceeded to press herself up against a wall in total fangirl mode, because she was too nervous to actually say "hi" to him. Aww, J.Law.

When she did eventually say "hi," though, two Access Hollywood reporters do the unthinkable: They spoil the end of Homeland season three for J.Law, despite her stating specifically at the start of the interview that she had only seen the first two seasons.

What happens next—well, it's better to just watch the video entirely to see that. But it does involve tears, and two certain reporters being called "monsters." In other words:

Check out the clip above.

[via Uproxx]