For months now, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been slowly making changes to his company, the biggest of which was a new algorithm that gives news stories more importance in users' News Feed. Now, news stories will be getting their own app.

Facebook announced a new app called Paper this morning, which will be a competitor to news curator apps like Flipboard and Pulse. Paper takes stories from a user's News Feeds and organizes them into different "sections," beautifully organizing them with blown up photos from the articles. Users can organize their news by different publications that Facebook has teamed up with, along with the various sections: “Score” (sports), “Headlines” (world news), “Cute” (BuzzFeed-style adorable animals), “Planet” (sustainability and earth porn), “Enterprise” (business), “Exposure” (photography), “Flavor” (food), and “Ideas” (a different intellectual theme every day.) 

The company is on a quest to replace your newspaper with Paper. The app launches February 3, a day before its 10 year anniversary. 

[via TechCrunch]