Deus Ex: The Fall will be dropping today for Android devices says publisher Square Enix. The game originally released on iOS in the middle of last year confusing and surprising fans.

By all rights The Fall is way better than a mobile game should be – or at least we've been lead to believe. Fans of the series certainly didn't expect to get a mobile game or one of such high quality. Instead of being a quick cash-grab crossover The Fall is a solid, Deus Ex experience all on its own. With great graphics, a storyline that ties in and sticks to the series' themes it's not a throw away but a must play for fans. The Fall happens during the same time as Deus Ex: Human Revolution and picks up where the novel Deus Ex: The Icarus Effect left off.

After the original release of The Fall developer Eidos Montreal announced its plans to expand the scope of Deus Ex games to include not only PC and mobile but also to next-gen consoles, novels and graphic novels. All in an effort to develop a “deep conspiracy” that spans multiple games and are linked. Late last year Eidos revealed that it had a PC and next-gen Deus Ex game in production.

Deus Ex: The Fall is out today on Android devices, grab it at the Google Play store for $6.99. It was available this morning but due to download issues has been pulled temporarily and will be back up later today. Use your cybernetically-enhanced patience to get through the next few hours.

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[Via Polygon]