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Breathe easy, Philly. The streets are safe from the infamous Swiss Cheese Masturbator, as the city's Special Victims Unit arrested suspected the creepy Chris Pagano this morning. 

Philadelphia Magazine writer Victor Fiorillo broke the story last week before making a bold visit to Pagano's house. After answering the door shirtless, Pagano, 41, denied any serial masturbatory activity. Fiorello added that Pagano made his Facebook profile private almost immediately afterwards.

After police officially declared Pagano the subject yesterday, the Norristown and Philadelphia police departments arrested him in a joint effort. Philadelphia Magazine detailed Pagano's previous run-ins with the law, which strongly suggest that a crime of this nature is right up his alley:

Court documents revealed that Pagano was arrested in 2009 after he allegedly “removed a large block of cheese from his pocket” and offered a woman on the street “$20 to rub the Swiss cheese on his penis.” Pagano pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, and a solicitation charge against him was dismissed.

It sounds like this is his M.O. Pagano now faces charges of indecent exposure, harassment and stalking.

[via Philadelphia Magazine]