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[UPDATE] Check out the new sneak peak of the DLC season:

Original Story as follows:

After a weekend of rumors where fans found images of Call of Duty: Ghosts latest unannounced DLC Onslaught on in-store displays, publisher Activision has made it official with the Instagram Video below.

While there is not much official news about Onslaught yet, what is known is that it will be a multi-part extinction series featuring some new baddies like the Spider featured in the image above. What the Halloween theme music has to do with it? That's still up in the air.

In the review of Call of Duty: Ghosts  the extinction mode were the biggest redeeming factor in what's become a pretty stale series. That however doesn’t stop it from being a great multiplayer and co-operative game even if the single player falls flat.

This the just the first of four downloadable map packs set to drop for the shooter this year. Onslaught drops on January 28th.

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