Tonight, President Barack Obama gave his annual State of the Union Address to the nation, where he laid out his agenda for the country moving forward, including a new minimum wage and future military plans. But for the Twitter universe, the most important part of the night was the announcement of MyRA, the president’s new plan for a retirement account aimed at helping the middle class.

Obviously folks across social media immediately hijacked the MyRA name and turned it into a hashtag for people to recount sordid tales about their college residential assistants. This was easily more interesting than anything the president said all night, so to catch you up, here is a list of The 15 Best MyRA Tweets Posted During The State of The Union Address:

during freshmen year MyRA was a cool guy named Jorgé who let us smoke weed, so im down with this

— Ryan D. Gantz, BBD (@sixfoot6) January 29, 2014

The first #MyRA got his door completely duct taped shut. The entire doorway!

— dub (@organikbeaver) January 29, 2014

#MyRA tricked me into joining a sorority @heytherebriana @BarackObama

— Monica (@MsMonicaRose) January 29, 2014

"My RA at Occidental College once stole my bong." #SOTU

— Michael Deppisch (@deppisch) January 29, 2014

My RA made me watch him jack off.

— rob delaney (@robdelaney) January 29, 2014

#MyRA had no idea what to do when my roommate peed on his whole half the room in a drunken stupor. It was her 2nd day on the job.

— Paige ☠ öf ☠ Quarrel (@caliyuga) January 29, 2014

My RA used to let us drink beer in the common area.

— Eric Spiegelman (@ericspiegelman) January 29, 2014

MyRA at NYU was a dominatrix, so there's that. #sotu

— Hilary George-Parkin (@hilarygp) January 29, 2014

MyRA eventually lost public favor when it released its little-loved third album, "/\/\YR/\"

— Dan D'Addario (@DPD_) January 29, 2014

#MyRA was slow to respond to the fungus problem in the men's bathroom on Pelham Hall's third floor.

— Daniel Foster (@DanFosterType) January 29, 2014

#MyRA, didn't shave her legs and decorated out elevator with paper flowers. Cc: @MeggsVeee #sotu

— Kimberly Anderson (@ksusananderson) January 29, 2014

#MyRA helped us steal a couch from the first floor lounge

— Patrick Byrne (@PatrickSByrne) January 29, 2014

Yo prez, the rheumatoid arthritis people already beat you to the #MyRA

— Chris Deaton (@cgdeaton) January 29, 2014

Americans already can't afford college. How are we going to afford giving everyone a resident assistant? #MyRA #SOTU

— Scott Wojciechowski (@ScottieWo) January 29, 2014

#MyRA freshman year was best friends with Hofstra Jesus. Sophomore year was a serious LAX bro who loved The Darkness.

— Brian Drew (@doppleseth) January 29, 2014

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