The impending finale of American Horror Story: Coven is ripe with potential, especially given that, the way last week's episode ended, there's no telling how this story ends and who will be left standing. One thing is a given though: the season-long mystery of which witch will become Fiona Goode's (Jessica Lange) successor, the next Supreme (read: Head Witch in Charge).

Almost every main character believes she's the chosen one, while many fans assume that it must be Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) since the season started with her as the audience's focal point. But if there's anything one can expect, it's Ryan Murphy to zig where you expect him to zag, which means the Supreme may end up being the last person the audience would expect: Cordelia Foxx (Sarah Paulson). She went from being the Supreme's disappointing daughter and all-around shitty headmistress to a badass who blinds herself just to re-gain the second sight and marshal the coven, perhaps foreshadowing her destiny to be their next leader. 

This AHS tumblr found a pretty convincing Easter egg that may support the Cordelia theory. Murphy has admitted each season's main credits features clues. This image appears with Sarah Paulson's name:

And here's what it means.

Has the answer to the season's biggest mystery been right in front of us this whole time? One thing's for sure, next season don't fast forward through the credits after the first episode. Read the original Tumblr post here for more info, including other noteworthy imagery in the main credits.

[via Tumblr]