Macaroni and cheese is serious business. A South Carolina man was arrested for attacking his father because the two got into a pissing contest over macaroni and cheese, of all things. Damn that male ego; damn it to hell.

According to 54-year-old Brian Rossi of Spartanburg, he was trying to prepare the dish for dinner over the weekend when he realized there was an unfavorable macaroni-to-cheese ratio. After being forced to dispose of the macaroni, he told his 20-year-old son, Alex, to stop using all of the cheese packets. 

His son wasn't too fond of that fatherly advice, so after a few strong words, he chased his old man down and began to punch him repeatedly in the face and head. By the time authorities arrived, Brian Rossi had suffered bruising, swelling and a laceration beneath his left eye. Alex Rossi admitted to assaulting his father, but claimed his father had punched him, as well.  His face looks pretty much unscathed, but whatever.

The younger Rossi was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery.

[via The Smoking Gun]