In August, tourist Sian Green was struck by a cab driver in front of Rockefeller Center. Her injuries were so severe that her left leg had to be amputated. Now, Green, 24, is suing New York City, claiming that Mohammed Himon's license should've been suspended prior to the crash. 

In a complaint against the city, Green's attorney, Dan Marchese, blames the city for allowing Himon to drive a cab:

The Taxi & Limousine Commission should have suspended his license BEFORE the time of the accident. Admittedly, due to a 'computer glitch,' TLC failed to ensure pedestrian safety, and specifically [Green’s] safety and well-being.

This glitch reportedly  allowed some 4,500 cabbies who amassed over six violations in a 15 month period to keep driving. Himon was issued an administrative summons for unauthorized operation of his and given a 30-day suspension. The glitch has since been fixed and he's still driving cabs in the city.

[via New York Daily News]