What would you do if a strange person's selfies began popping up in the iCloud stream of your recently lost iPhone?

Well Danielle Bruckman improvised after finding herself in this exact situation, and instead of calling the police or contacting Apple, she collected the man's selfies for a year, and began recreating her favorite ones. Bruckman lost her iPhone on New Year's Day 2013, and the dude with the stylish moustache began appearing in her still connected iCloud account. She posted her re-enacted selfies on her recently launched blog "My Cloud Pal," and is offering other people the chance to send in their selfies to mycloudpal@gmail.com so she can recreate them as well. 

Note to people who either steal or find smartphones: it's probably worth your time to give it back to the rightful owner, or at the very least, turn off iCloud if you want to be a grinch.

[via Mashable]