It's hard to make friends in DayZ. Even with the help of voice and a complex gesture control system letting players, high-five, wiggle or surrender sometimes your intentions just don't come across. Oh! And everyone is trying to kill you all the time.

Check out this video that sums up many interactions in DayZ this week as a flood of gamers are cutting teeth in the new stand-alone game. At least he didn't get shot.

DayZ is the stand alone version of the incredibly popular mod for ARMA 2 by the same name that allows gamers to survive in an enormous map while crafting weapons and forcing groups to stick together, when possible, or risk being overrun.

The early access of DayZ dropped last week on Steam letting gamers into the alpha build – an early, generally unstable version of the game – to romp around amid the bugs and glitches that will be worked out for the final release. But for gamers who've been waiting after multiple delays and don't mind dealing with helping developers solve bugs, then game on.

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