Anyone who has followed WWE for the past decade knows that Lita was one of the greatest performers to ever enter the ring. While many women in pro-wrestling stuck to mostly ground-and-pound moves, Lita woke sleepers of the women's division with high-flying athletics.

Unfortunately, Lita never really got the amount of credit she deserved but true fans know what's up. Ever since her debut with the Fed, her performance was unparalleled. "When I first started with WWE, I came in with a wrestler named Essa Rios," Lita explains. "People got into me but WWE wasn't really sure what to do with me at the time." It wasn't too long until the company figured it out and teamed the talent with the legendary Hardy Boyz to create Team Xtreme and Lita's full potential was realized. Lita may not be officially on the TV match cards anymore, but, "In the game, you're able to play with a bunch of different legends and I'm one of them. You get to play with all my moves and play through some of my most famous matches."

In WWE 2K14, Lita is re-created with the same adrenaline-rushing theatrics as in real-life. The diva's ring entrance captures the same confidence that made her the ring beast she is in the WWE history books. Gamers can now relive her thrilling "Litasault" and breathtaking "Litacanrana" all over again without going through DVDs and random YouTube clips. 

Lita admits that she's not much of a gamer these days although her roots go back to the earlier days of Super Nintendo. "I've got brothers who used to play all the time so I learned through them." she says. Even if she hasn't been as engulfed in today's video games as much as the some hardcore gamers—her band the Luchagores and the pro-wrestler's life takes up a hell of a lot of time—Lita is blown away just as far as everyone else. "When I saw it, I couldn't believe it," she said. "They got me down perfectly—even down to the rock n' roll image. It's amazing to see how far video games have come with the realism. It was really exciting."

WWE 2K14 is available now for $60. For more info on the game and Lita's appearance in it, check out the 2K website here.