Have a perspective. A photographer’s greatest asset is his point of view, and the story of Atiba Jefferson is all about presenting Los Angeles in a new light. He may have been the staff photographer for the Lakers (shooting sports is one of his great passions), but he makes his home in the enclave of Lake Hollywood, what he calls “one of the most amazing unknown gems” in the City of Angels. His neighborhood bar is the Cha Cha, where he and his brother like to order a few Cuervos and take turns spinning in the DJ booth. His strong ties to skating have led him to a lasting relationship with Supreme, which is one of his L.A. hangouts, along with the world famous Amoeba Music, which he calls his “happy place.” It seems like everywhere is a happy place when you’re tagging along with Atiba Jefferson. Check the video above to hear more of his one-of-a-kind story.