George Zimmerman's new girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, had originally pressed charges against him following a Nov. 18 incident where he allegedly threatened her with a shotgun. Now, the 27-year-old is asking for the charges and no-contact order against Zimmerman to be dropped.

According to a Dec. 6 statement, Scheibe said she felt "very intimidated" while being questioned by police. "I believe that the police misinterpreted me and that I may have misspoken about certain facts in my statement to police," she added. Furthermore, she claimed that Zimmerman never pointed a gun at her while insisting that she still wants to be with him. 

Following the incident last month, Zimmerman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief. He was released after posting a $9,000 bond. After obtaining a search warrant, authorities found three handguns, an AR-15, a 12-gauge shotgun and over 100 rounds of ammunition inside of Scheibe's home.

Zimmerman's estranged wife, Shellie, declined to press charges against him after he allegedly attacked her and her father in September. It appears as though Zimmerman might also emerge from this latest brush with the law unscathed. What's next?

[via Gawker]

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