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It looks like progress is being made on moving forward with production of Fast & Furious 7 after the tragic death of star Paul Walker late last month. According to The Hollywood Reporter, film screenwriter Chris Morgan is working on a revision for the project's script that would include some sort of a "fitting send-off" for Walker and his character, but it's not clear what that will be—or whether or not Universal Pictures will opt to restart production of the film from the beginning, as has been rumored in the past weeks.

At the time of Walker's death, production of the film had been about halfway through, but many scenes (including ones involving Walker's character Brian O'Conner) had yet to be shot. THR reports that Universal is attempting to salvage what footage has already been shot, but experts are already theorizing that the tragic loss of Walker may lead to the largest insurance claim in Hollywood history. According to a source, Universal is definitely going to go ahead with the project, though: "What will drive everything is, is there an honorable and sensible way to do this?" the source reportedly told THR.

With Morgan working on a revision for the script, the studio's reported goal is to have the cast and crew back on set at some point in late January to resume filming—but this is far from certain.

As of now, though, it has been confirmed that the film's planned July 11 release date has been canceled. We'll have more information on this story as it develops.

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