The "cannibal sandwich" is an adored snack from the Midwest consisting of a mini-mountain of raw beef, spiced with a dash of salt and pepper served on rye with sliced raw onion. Every now and then, a raw egg is added, just to make it festive.

The CDC has taken up issue with the raw egg, which it says can lead to poisoning when mixed in with the raw meat. According to a CDC report, cannibal sandwiches have been tied to over 50 food poisoning cases, including at least four (and possibly more) of E. Coli during the 2012 holiday season. 

Despite their warnings of the dangers of consuming raw and uncooked food, the CDC says people continue to eat cannibal sandwiches, which will only lead to more sickness this year. First of all, the name "cannibal sandwich" doesn't sound the least bit appetizing, nor does its look like something you want to ingest. Allow at least one of those reasons to scare you away from it if the CDC's warning can't.

[via The Daily Meal]

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