Japan is a wonderfully magically place, full of robots, cat cafes and confusing underwear dispensing vending machines. Now in the run-up to the release of Dark Souls 2 developer From Software is opening a Dark Souls themed cafe.

The cafe itself doesn't open until January but features a taste of Dark Souls, jeez that's scary. Besides the decor being styled in the terrifying, you're about to die constantly motif, there will be a limited time original menu. Features items include the Ring of Stone (onion ring, mustard sauce, bamboo); “Successor of the Sun” (pasta and bacon with golden tomatoes) and some others that are equally weird.


Yellow tomatoes or cursed boils of poison?

Drinks include flask-shaped “Prayer of Healing” and “Life Overflowing” which is exactly how I feel after too many potions. After January the menu will change and offer delights like the “Ephemeral Black Meat Bun,” Pills of Darkness Beans,” and of course “Fried Meat of Snake People.”

Liquid sunshine, aka, poison

For those interested in dropping by, good luck! There is a cliff right next to the door that you'll accidentally fall off a few times and if you miss your reservation twice they curse you will a huge boil on your head, enjoy!

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[Via CVG]