A drunken trio of friends got DUIs in succession in New Jersey on Thursday night. Not only was one stupid enough to drive drunk, the other two were stupid enough to show up to the police station drunk to pick her up.

Police in Readington Township arrested 34-year-old Carmen Reategui, who failed sobriety tests after she was caught swerving on Route 22. She was charged with DUI and released, so she called 23-year-old Nina Petracca for a ride home. When Petracca arrived, an officer noticed that she appeared intoxicated as well. She failed a field test in the building's lobby and was arrested as well.

In need of a ride home Reategui and Petracca phoned 33-year-old Ryan Hogan. Yup, Hogan showed up clearly wasted and was arrested as well. The three friends finally got in touch with a sober friend, who was able to give them a ride home.

The cops presumably had a good laugh at their expense—until the time came to fill out all of that paperwork.

[via Gawker]