The script for 2015’s still-untitled Batman/Superman blockbuster is getting a rewrite, courtesy of Chris Terrio, the writer behind Argo, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Terrio won an Academy Award for “Best Adapted Screenplay” for his work on the Ben Affleck-directed hit, and it’s his personal relationship with the new Batman that likely led to this unique pairing. With the movie still more than a year and a half away, bringing in an additional writer at this point isn't unheard of.

David Goyer, the writer behind Man of Steel and Batman Begins, wrote the initial draft of the screenplay, but it’s unknown how much of that will remain after Terrio gets done with it. However, with pre-production already underway, it’s likely that Goyer’s main ideas will remain, with Terrio being brought on board for polish and substance. This is reminiscent of how Christopher Nolan used Goyer for his Dark Knight movies.

While Goyer has been hailed for his overall ideas on DC’s superhero movies, his actual scripts have come under scrutiny at times. Terrio might be able to give Goyer’s screenplay the additional purpose and depth that was missing on Man of Steel.

We’ll see if the addition of Terrio pays off when Batman/Superman hits theaters on July 17, 2015.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]