Computer pranks are just about as old as personal computers themselves: they aim to trick unsuspecting users who would be none the wiser into restarting their desktop, switching the sound of their speakers, or reformatting their entire computer. A new prank making the rounds on the Internet that involves Bitcoin does just the latter.

Bitcoin is the anonymous currency that's getting more attention every week, especially when huge Deep Web sites like Silk Road get shut down—which relied on Bitcoin for its transactions. But how do you get Bitcoin? Well, it involves a process of downloading software and using your computer to "mine" them, among some other methods. Bitcoins are shooting up in value, and as of now, a single Bitcoin is worth $871—so it isn't hard to see why people would want to get in on the fun. 

The latest prank that has popped out of 4chan involves tricking people into believing their Apple computer has a hidden program in it that will allow them to mine for Bitcoins. The instructions to "unlock" the program (you can see them above) are actually instructions to reformat your computer, i.e., erase everything from your hard drive. And so far, it seems a few people have actually fallen for it. 

So please, don't do this. Just get an old fashioned piggy bank to save your coins, because you're going to need something to smash out of anger if you fall for something as easy as this. 

[via The Daily Dot]