A University of Minnesota Duluth student could lose her limbs after passing out drunk on her front porch when the temperature was 17 degrees below zero. Alyssa Jo Lommel, 19, suffered severe hypothermia after making her a frigid bed out of her front porch following a night of drinking. 

A friend told local authorities that he dropped Lommel off after an evening that may have included over 10 shots of tequila. (Drinking games. Oh, college.) That same friend also explained that this was the typical weekend for Lommel, who he described as a "normal party chick." 

Because Lommel has the best friends a girl could ask for, they didn't wait to make sure she got inside safely. Instead, she slept in the unbearable cold in a jacket and Uggs for nine hours before a passer-by informed authorities. She was subsequently taken to two different hospitals.

Though doctors are desperately trying to improve her blood-flow without removing her limps, that possibly still looms. 

The university's advice? Travel in groups. How about drink less, or get better friends.

[via BroBible]