Year Of Release: 2009
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360

As Al Lowe originally envisioned Leisure Suit Larry, it was a risqué sex comedy in the format of a then-contemporary point and click adventure game. Since the series proper ended and Sierra shuttered, the franchise has fallen into obscurity as the property has shifted hands and has attempted the reboot process by recasting Larry with the original lounge lizard's nephew. This hasn't been successful before, but at least Larry Loveage's 2004 debut felt like a point-and-click. Box Office Bust doesn't even come close, swapping out any resemblance of an adventure game for an open-world action-platformer that's aggressively idiotic enought to be aware of (and comment on) its shortcomings and still make you slog through them. On top of that, you're basically forced into hours of tedious, tepid gameplay out of some perverse desire the developers have for you to exist in some meaningless sexless purgatory with no end and few women in sight. Whatever you may think of the series' legacy (or its sleazy MO) this might as well be Larry Lovage Does Abstinence.