No surprise here: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire managed to win the Thanksgiving box office with seemingly little-to-no effort, and it even ended up breaking a holiday record in the process. According to Deadline, though the number of theater-goers dipped a bit on Thanksgiving day—which is to be expected since it's a family holiday—the newest installment in the Jennifer Lawrence-starring franchise managed to pull in an excellent. $14.9 million. It may not seem like that much for a film like THG, but the box office is notoriously quiet on Thanksgiving, so it's actually a lot: In fact, that number gives it the highest gross for a film on Thanksgiving in history, beating Toy Story 2's previous record of $13.1 million. Not bad!

That's not all the good news, either. Apparently, if THG keeps earning at the rate it is, it could surpass $103 million in earnings for the five day holiday—not including all the money it already made after it was released last week. For some context: Currently, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone holds the record for highest five-day holiday gross, with $82 million it earned when it was released in 2001. THG could end up easily beating this.

Disney's new animated pic Frozen is doing very well too, having earned $10.8 million on Thursday night alone. Apparently, early predictions show that it could end up earning about $90 million by the weekend's end, if ticket sales keep on going the way they are. 

As for other films at the box office this weekend—Thor: The Dark World dropped to the number three spot with a projected $13.5 million gross for this weekend, and Delivery Man is predicted to earn about $9.6 million. Rounding off the top five will likely be Homefront, with $8.8 million in earning anticipated.

Final box office numbers, as always, will be available on Monday.

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