This map of America, drawn by an Australian who admittedly "knows nothing about its geography," might be the most honest take on the United States ever. It's entertaining because it's so honest, kind of like asking a small child a question—they're always going to give you the naked truth. 

According to the creator, there are four Virginias: Virginia, West Virginia, North Virginia, South Virginia and Southwest Virginia. They got California right, but not before calling it "missoula or maryland or mississippi or some s*** starting with an m." It's neighbord Nevada and Arizona are labeled "kite" (HA!) and "almost Mexico."  

They also correctly identified Texas and Florida, calling the latter "florida, aka penis gun freakyland." A good portion of the Northeast is labeled New York, while also calling the New England area "puzzle pieces." 

If, and only if, a video of him making this existed.

[via Neatorama]