Over the weekend, two planes containing skydivers and pilots collided over Superior, Wisc., sending the divers plummeting to the Earth below. Shocking video footage shows one plane flying on top of another, hurling each of the divers into the sky along with burning debris from one of the planes.

Fortunately, all nine of them survived; the only person injured was the pilot of the plane that lost a wing during the crash. He suffered cuts after escaping through an emergency chute. Meanwhile, the other pilot was able to land his plane at Richard I. Bong Airport

Passenger Mike Robinson said that the planes were lining up for a tracking dive. "The outcome for us was as good as it could be," the 64-year-old to NBC News. Many of the divers were on an exterior step of each plane, poised to jump, when the collision occurred. They all lept off upon impact. 

Though shaken up, each of the skydivers landed on the ground safely, jumping into a truck to collect the others as they landed.

[via NBC News]