Prison is a time for intense personal reflection and rehabilitation so one is ready to re-enter society a better citizen. Or, if you're everyone's favorite growling rapper, a time to write a cookbook of microwave recipes.

Following in the strange trend of rappers turned chefs, see: 2 Chainz and Snoop Lion, Ja Rule has decided to create a post-prison cookbook. The rapper was released in May 2013 on charges of illegal gun possesion. During his two years in lockdown, he managed to gain 30 pounds, despite prison's notriously terrible grub. Rather than channeling The Rock's twin brother, Ja Rule got clever with prison food and figured out how to make decent meals behind bars. Decent meals he would now like to share with you. Whether or not you want to learn culinary skills that might include shank cheesecake, here are 25 great microwave recipes that should make Ja's final draft

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