Peep this new live-action trailer for Killzone: Shadow Fall. Someone really dropped the ball on this one; we hope Killzone isn't as sad as this trailer. If we had nothing else to go on we'd assume the new Killzone was an Elliot Smith scored combat opera where we had to repeatedly press A to moisten our eyes with gentle flowing tears.

Luckily we know it's about killing Helghast. This video alludes to the story, which looks kind of sad. The minute long "Oaths and Promises" sees those principles collapses under the weight of war as the Shadow Marshals peer upon the apocalyptic battlefield they have wrought.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is set to drop on November 15 on PlayStation 4 when the console drops. Though you should know gamers can pick up their copy now at GameStop and use the disc as a coaster until the release.

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[Via Polygon]