Count Kanye West and Kim Kardashian as two more people who loved Seth Rogen and James Franco's brilliant "Bound 3" video yesterday.

In a series of tweets sent to Rogen, Kardashian revealed that West "laughed so hard" upon seeing the video, which was a shot-for-shot remake of West's recently-released music video for "Bound 2"—only, instead of featuring Kardashian and West making out on a motorycle against a green screen backdrop of the Grand Canyon, it was Rogen and Franco making out on a motorcycle. In other words: It was perfect, and Kanye agreed.

The tweets:

Who says Kanye West doesn't have a sense of humor?

Additionally, Kardashian told paparazzi that she found the video "so funny" and she "loved it" while she was heading into West's apartment building in NYC last night. So, that's that.

[via SethRogen/Twitter]