We’ve been bracing ourselves for the introduction of pesky ads to Instagram since last month, and it looks like the dreaded day is finally upon us: the first ad made its way into users’ feeds on the photo-sharing app yesterday morning.

The ad was a plug for designer Michael Kors, featuring a gold watch on a table alongside some pastel macaroons - not too different from the sorts of photos your wannabe art director friends might share. The image was posted to Michael Kors’ Instagram page, but also appeared to some users who don’t follow the brand’s account.

Judging by the comments, some Instagrammers are understandably frustrated by the prospect of seeing sponsored posts in their feeds. However, it’s markedly less obtrusive than we expected. The real rage will likely begin when Instagram begins rolling out video ads, which it has said we should expect sometime in 2014.

[via AllThingsD]