Address: 115 St. Charles Ave.

Not quite as old as The Boston Club (it was founded in 1857) but just as prestigious, the goings-on at The Pickwick Club aren’t shrouded in as much secrecy. It has, after all, hosted one of the city’s most anticipated debutante balls (if you’re into that kind of stuff) for more than 60 years. But just because the group emphasizes the “social” part of its social club a bit more doesn’t make it any less insular. The fact is, the closest you’ll likely ever get to seeing the carved figure of Mr. Pickwick who greets all ye merry members who enter the door (the club was named for Charles Dickens’ first novel, The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club) is in the pictures posted in the local media following the introduction of the latest coterie of debs. (Though we hear they make a mean grillades and grits, we can alas only imagine what that tastes like.)