The BioShock Infinite downloadable story expansion Burial at Sea, Episode One is available today on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and PC for $14.99.

This expansion takes players out of Infinite’s storyline and back into the depth of Rapture. Rapture was the ruined libertarian utopia of the first game, BioShock. However this time around players get to see a bit of the city pre-collapse although they’ll send most of their time in the parts that have begun to slowly crumble.

This “film noir-style” expansion features the characters of Infinite, Booker and Elizabeth, as they try to find a missing little girl in the strange city. If you’ve played the original BioShock then you know what strange and terrible things that can befall little girls in Rapture.

Burial at Sea has been taking some flack for its heavy stylization and it’s a little on the short side but this is only episode one of a story where Irrational Games looks to flesh out the BioShock universe.

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