The new consoles are almost here, and just like with any console launch it's been a rocky road so far. Since their announcement earlier this year, both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have had plenty of ups and down in fans' eyes.

For a while it might seem like one is clearly ahead of the other, but then something unexpected happens, or Microsoft or Sony unveil a new feature, and everything is turned on its head again. There's no predicting things this time, and only time will tell whether the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 will ultimately be more successful.

Isn't that always the way, though? Who the hell would have predicted, seven or eight years ago, that the Wii would have such success, or that the PS3 would get off to such an uncertain start? The XB1 and PS4 should have even longer life spans than the current generation of game consoles, and their futures could be just as volatile.

That leaves us now, in the weeks leading up to their releases, to examine what they've each done right and wrong so far. You'll just have to make your own predictions from here!