Out of the Furnace already sounded promising before, even juding by just its IMDb page: With Crazy Heart director/writer Scott Cooper directing, and Christian Bale, Woody Harrelson, Casey AffleckZoe Saldana, and Forest Whitaker starring, the cast and crew is solid. So, it's definitely a good sign that this newly released trailer for the film is pretty promising as well.

In the film, Bale stars as Russell, a man who sets out to find his little brother (Affleck) who is suffering from PTSD and, by a cruel twist of fate, ends up caught up in a major crime ring. He looks really intense most of the time, even as his girlfriend (Saldana) begs him not to do "anything stupid." Doesn't she know who she's dealing with? Harrelson is there too, playing a majorly depraved crimelord running the whole crime ring that Russell's little bro is involved with.

With its dark plotline (and setting deep in the Rust Belt), Out of the Furnace manages to evoke a very gritty feel even just through the trailer—which leads us to believe we should probably expect this film to be intense and dramatic as hell. Just in time for award's season!

You can check out the trailer above. Out of the Furnace will open nationwide on December 6.

[via Vulture]