It says a lot about a man who'd rather risk his freedom than tell his bride-to-be that he forgot to book the venue for their wedding. Today, 36-year-old Neil McArdle was sentenced to a year in jail after calling in a phony bomb threat to the place where he and his queen were slated to get married back in April.

He picked the worst possible time to do pull this stunt: just days after the Boston Marathon bombings.

McArdle, 36, reportedly called St. George's Hall in Liverpool from a phone booth on his wedding day and told staff that a bomb would go off in 45 minutes. This left his terrified fiance, Amy Williams, standing in the street in her wedding gown. She deserves better.

Later that day, McArdle was arrested, admitting that he staged the fake bomb threat because he forgot to fill out the paperwork to reserve the space for the wedding. Somehow, that slipped his mind. Judge Norman Wright shamed McArdle for not only scaring the staff at St. George's Hall, but also disappointing his fiance. 

"She was getting ready, expecting you were going to be man and wife and a very solemn public event in her life and you knew that was not going to take place," Wright said, rubbing salt in the wound.

According to McArdle's attorney, Charles Lander, he and Williams are still together. McArdle might not deserve a woman that loyal.

[via New York Post]