Bradley Cooper is parternering with Relativity Television to make his hit 2011 thriller Limitless into a new one-hour drama. Given his recent ascent into Academy Award-nominated stardom, it's pretty much a certainty that his involvement won't go further than producer duties, but as of now its unknown whether the series will follow his character Eddie Morra, who in the film became hooked on an experimental drug called NZT that allowed him to access 100% of his brain activity to become, in a word, perfect.

While Limitless was an enjoyable B-movie thriller, the premise and the film's conclusion barely left any room for a sequel, much less a TV series that's expected to last at least five seasons. However, on a cable network, preferrably an uninhibited pay channel like HBO or Showtime, it could be interesting. Or it could be the next ironically titled failure.

[via Deadline]

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