Every sitcom needs a character that everyone can dump on—including the viewer. The 30-minute long, multi-cam comedy, above all things, wants to give you a good time, and the writers understand the value in a little irritated eye-rolling. The characters on the show are annoyed when the next-door neighbor stops by. You're annoyed, too, and when the jokes at that character's expense come rolling in, everyone is happy.

There's a lot to be learned about American culture by looking at the most hated sitcom characters. Like something out of 30 Rock bit, you see that, time and time again, writers' rooms try to create a lot of comic relief via children and women. As for the female characters, it's a larger problem with TV, hopefully one everyone will think about after looking at this list. (Which isn't to say that these characters aren't irritating; they're designed to be irritating. It's the frequency with which women are made to be the irritating foils that is the problem.)

Enough with the theoretical stuff—let's get into the hate.

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