Neither the Xbox One nor its Sony-branded next-gen competition are any slouch in the horsepower department, and developers are already coming up with interesting ways to leverage hardware muscle aside from just prettying up the screen with extremely detailed HD graphics.

Dead Rising 3 is one of the more interesting cases we’ve seen thus far – the developers have designed the undead hordes to be procedurally generated via a number of variables like clothes and hair, not to mention gore elements like, say, which eye socket is going to missing.

What this means in theory is that you’ll never see the same zombie twice, echoing the game’s more personalized level design. In a recent interview with CVG, Capcom producer Mike Jones said unlike previous Dead Rising games, this one will have a very distinct – and not cookie cutter – feeling.

You're looking at more custom work and less reuse. We're not using the same textures over and over again, nor are we using the same geometry over and again,” Jones said in the interview. “Every building and every interior in Dead Rising 3 is handmade and handcrafted. You'll never see the same building twice."

If next-gen doesn’t just mean an obligatory open world, a shiny coat of paint and amazing particles, we can certainly hope to see more innovative uses for memory and hardware capabilities in the future – let’s hope AI gets a significant boost.

Check out the rest of the interview via the link below.


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