An Oregon school district is pushing students to be achievers (or overachievers) by making college acceptance a graduation requirement. It's expected that the Corbett School District will vote on a proposal that will make it a requirement for students to apply and be accepted to a college or university. This vote isn't supposed to take place until December, but it is expected to pass.

The bill is met with understandable opposition from people who argue that it's more about Corbett High School's reputation—and national ranking—than the lives and futures of its students. 

While Superintendent Randy Trani insists that the new policy will give students "choices," it could have an impact that's the exact opposite of what he intended. One Corbett freshman told the Oregonian that he thinks the policy will force classmates to aim for the cellar for fear out of not being accepted. 

[via Gawker and the Oregonian]