Just because you slap the word “special” on something doesn’t always make it so. McDonald’s Special Sauce? It’s basically mayo, French dressing, and relish. The Star Wars Holiday Special compared to other holiday specials from 1983, is pretty typical. But when it comes to video games, some special editions are actually very special. Whether they include a cool statue, some exclusive add-ons, or a remote control flying thingy, some companies go all out when putting together special editions of their games.

With the holidays fast approaching, we thought we’d tell you about twenty-five of the best special editions of games we’ve ever seen, including both new ones that have either just come out or will be out soon, as well as older ones for classic games that, for the most part, are still available on Amazon or eBay.*

 Prices may vary. Not all items are still available. Your mileage may differ. Nobody gives me a raw deal.

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