The United States is about to close in on the two-week mark of it's government shutdown with no definitive end in sight. As Democrats and Republicans continue their matches of political Pong, "non-essential" employees struggle at home to make ends meet without money coming in. Meanwhile the rest of us citizens feel the effects of shutdown a bit more everyday. 

Undoubtedly, these are stressful times but as they often do, video games can help to alieviate some of the pressure. We've got a list of ten that reflect the chaotic country everyone is dealing with right now.

Are you angry? Give a game like State of Emergency a shot. Crackdown is the perfect outlet for people fearful of criminal anarchy in the streets and space nerds saddened by the closing of NASA can find solace in a very appropriate yet odd Call of Duty: Black Ops map. There's a something for everyone in this list so if you range from the wussingly passive to the most hot tempered aggressor, we've got you covered. 

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